Disability Solutions Through Technology

FFY 2020 Reuse Success Stories

Submitted by Project CARAT – Lexington, KY

Recently discharged from Cardinal Hill Hospital following surgery, Mr. Vanderpool was referred to our center by the occupational therapy staff. We were able to give Mr. Vanderpool a quad cane, a walker, a rollator, and a pair of compression stockings, all from our CARAT project. Mr. Vanderpool expressed how appreciative he was for our help as he is on a fixed income and could not afford to purchase these items. He thanked us for the rollator and walker, which helped him safely maneuver throughout his home and community.

Submitted by Redwood ATRC – Ft. Mitchell, KY

A mother living in one of the more rural areas of the state needed a ramp for their home and a way to get her 7-year-old daughter’s wheelchair into their van since it is not handicap accessible. Redwood’s ATRC arranged for the family to receive a ramp building kit and reutilized a Bruno Lift to the family so they can load their daughter’s wheelchair into the van. The family was given instructions on using the Bruno Lift and also received information on financial loan programs. The ATRC helped this family overcome the barrier of access to the home and car for their child. Redwood’s ATRC collaborated with the state lead KATS center to obtain a ramp building kit through the Dana and Christopher Reeve Foundation grant. The family now has better access to their home and vehicle for their daughter’s wheelchair. They can now more easily go out into the community. The lift and ramp improved this child and family’s access to community living by making it easier to get in and out of the home and car so they can more fully participate in community activities.

Submitted by Project CARAT – Paintsville, KY

Peggy P’s husband, who recently had knee surgery, needed a walker to go to therapy because his old walker had become unusable. He was also in need of a bariatric toilet chair due to his health condition. Both were available and delivered to her in Morgan County. She was very appreciative, as insurance did not cover either item.

Submitted by Project CARAT – Hazard, KY

Peter needed an adult gait trainer. After searching through the statewide AT Locator database, we located one at our Lexington location. Peter’s aunt Kim and our site coordinator worked to secure the gait trainer until she could pick it up in Lexington. It warms our hearts to see Peter up and walking with the gait trainer he received from the Project CARAT program. We were so happy to play a small part in Helping Peter walk.

Submitted by Wendell Foster ATRC – Owensboro, KY

An iPad was reutilized and given to an individual in Carlisle County, a rural area in Western Kentucky, who was deaf. His iPad had suddenly stopped working, leaving him with no way to communicate with his friends and family. He borrowed one from Wendell Foster’s Technology and Resource Center in Owensboro until he received a new device from the Kentucky Commission for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing Telecommunications Access Program (TAP). After receiving his new iPad, he donated his old one to Project CARAT. We were able to reuse it for a child with a traumatic brain injury.