Disability Solutions Through Technology

FFY 2020 Device Lending Library Success Stories

Submitted by Wendell Foster ATRC – Owensboro, KY

Due to COVID-19 visitor restrictions, staff from Outwood Intermediate Care Facility in Dawson Springs needed a way for a resident with hearing impairments to communicate with family. Through a referral from KCDHH, we loaned an iPad and a selection of communication apps for the Speech Therapist to trial with the individual. The loan allowed the therapist to determine the most effective communication methods for this person. She downloaded several apps onto a facility iPad that is now used with multiple residents, allowing for improved communication with family, staff & residents.

Submitted by Redwood ATRC – Ft. Mitchell, KY

A toddler with low-trunk control needed help sitting up and standing. Redwood’s ATRC loaned a Special Tomato Soft-Touch Sitter and an Easy Stand Stander to the family for them to use. The loan of the seating system and stander helped this child overcome the barrier of mobility. Redwood’s ATRC collaborated with the child’s physical therapist to provide the most appropriate seating system and stander for them to trial. This device loan allowed the toddler to bear weight in a standing position and strengthen her trunk muscles. The devices loaned made such improvement that she is now sitting independently, pulling to stand, and standing. The Special Tomato Soft-Touch Sitter and Easy Stand Stander improved this child’s access to education. She was able to gain mobility and explore her surroundings to learn about her environment.

Submitted by HDI-CATS ATRC – Lexington, KY

Laura H. was referred to us by an occupational therapist. She has macular degeneration and histoplasmosis. She is completely blind in one eye and has less than 20/80 in the other. She was interested in devices to help her with reading, writing and using the computer. Laura set up an appointment to come in and check out our visual impairment assistive technology. After spending some time getting to know Laura’s needs and abilities, we looked over some of our AT. Laura checked out several items from our lending library: Reading Pen, 2x Page Magnifier, Handsfree Magnifier, Pico Pocket Video Magnifier, and the Merlin LCD Video Magnifier System. She is hoping to be able to purchase similar items once she determines what works best for her.

Submitted by HDI-CATS ATRC – Lexington, KY

Richard M. contacted us regarding his mother, who had a stroke several months ago that affected her ability to speak. Her recovery became more difficult because she was unable to communicate her needs. Her care provider, Callie F., who works for CHI At Home, recommended our services. Callie utilizes the resources at HDI CATS frequently on behalf of her patients. Richard checked out a 10.5” iPad Pro and the Go Talk 9 By Attainment. The iPad has several Alternative and Augmentative Communication (AAC) apps, such as Proloquo2go that allows the user to choose icons that contain pictures and words that convert to speech. The Go Talk By Attainment is an AAC device that lets the user create their own personalized messages. Callie suggested to Richard and his mom that they try both devices to see which one worked the best for their needs. Richard said that while the iPad worked well, the Go Talk was better suited for his mom’s ability level at this time. They were able to record messages that applied to the personal care needs she had at that time. Mrs. Montgomery used the Go Talk for several months as a device loan until she regained the ability to speak more clearly. Richard stated that they were thankful for our services because it allowed them to borrow the equipment for a short time rather than purchase the item.